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About Kylie & Stu

Hi! We’re Kylie and Stu. We met and fell in love in London, drawn together by our passion to do something for the greater good with our careers and lives.

Kylie, Australian, is a Communications Strategist specialising in digital content. Stuart, British, is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Certified Town Planner. We know our fields have the power to create positive change, but previous opportunities have fallen short with the harsh reality that can come working for big business.

So we’re shaking things up. We’ve left our desk jobs and moved to Australia to actively explore conscious commerce, what it means to live sustainably and how to work with purposeful impact and real joy.

We believe quality of life and sustainable living are inherently linked. It’s a huge topic and there’s a lot to discover. To kickstart we’re embarking on a road trip to discover the role that locally farmed, nutritious and affordable food plays in fostering happy communities and a healthy planet. We’re also inspired by simplified living (think #vanlife and tiny houses!), renewable energy and clever up-cycling, so expect to see some other inspiring projects among our farming adventures. 

About The Bees Republic

‘The Bees Republic’ is our name for the collective of socially-minded people and businesses working towards a more sustainable way.

Our fellow explorers, problem solvers, innovators, thinkers and doers, we are here to join you in an exploration of sustainable living. We are by no means experts, but together (as they say) we can all make a difference.

As we hit the roads around Australia, we’ll be meeting all kinds of people, projects, social enterprises and ethical businesses, getting hands on at local organic farms and connecting with those who live happily, alternatively and with less environmental impact.

This is our notebook with the world, sharing our observations, ideas and moments of inspiration. It’s a journal not just of travel, but of a journey with purpose.

The Bees Republic is for those who believe we can all do well while also doing good.

Join us. A collective on the road to sustainable living.