After two and a half months of searching, we found our Kombi. And after one week of pondering with the internet at our side, we found her name. ‘Wilhelmina Saige’. We know… it’s catchy, rolls of the tongue, and intriguing in more ways than one! It’s all in a name.

We’ve mentioned it a few times. This trip is not just a journey for the enjoyment of travel (although that’s a pretty good reason!), this is a journey with purpose. We are travelling from place to place to discover and celebrate businesses, people and organisations working toward a more sustainable future. Inspiring us as we create our own. A future that is more carefully considered in its footsteps and tyre tracks.

Saigey, as we call her, will be our home and wheels. So then, what’s in the name? Without going over-mushy, it’s meaning. From over 200 names suggested, Sage stood out to us early on. Yes, it’s the ‘official’ colour of our little Westy. But as we pondered, it got even better. A Sage is the archetype of wisdom, on a journey to find the truth, seeking out information and knowledge, self reflection and understanding to share with others for the betterment of the world. Bing! This felt pretty good for our venerable ride.

And Wilhelmina, well… it’s a beautiful sounding German name, sharing the heritage of our Westy, and while adding a sense of whimsy it also translates as ‘willing to protect’. Double bing!!

We’ve no doubt that she’s seen a few things over the past 40 years, and as she continues her journey with us we hope some of her wisdom, spirit and awesome coolness is imparted on us.

You can follow her adventures here on as well as on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

If you see us on the road, say ‘Hi Saigey’ and you might just get a little ‘beep-beep’ back!

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