Whether we’re on a long drive between farms, working in the field or just relaxing, we love a good podcast. There’s millions out there and if you know a good one, let us know in the comments box below. These are some of our favourite podcasts for curious minds, good for a bit of inspiration and a giggle. Enjoy!

Homestead Story Podcasts

Homestead Story:


With the dream of one day having our own little patch of land and a market garden / small farm, this is a great one. Peter and Kristen chat about their learnings as they try new things on their homestead in Maryland USA. It’s a nice easy listen, from the birth of their first calf, to making time for it all, to just learning the farm way. It’s a goodie!

Fortnightly and 30-45mins long.

Freakanomics Radio Podcasts

Freakanomics Radio:


Following on from the same titled book by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, ‘Freakanomics Radio’ continues their exploration of ‘the hidden side of everything’. The podcast is a fascinating listen about all manner of things as each week they delve in to random topics, analysing key data as well as interviewing prominent academics, economists and philosophers with expertise on the given subject. A couple of recent favourites include ‘Is income equality inevitable’, ‘Why hate the Koch brothers’ and ‘The stupidest thing you can do with your money’.

Weekly and 45-60mins long.

How i Built This Podcasts

How I Built This:


One for both general interest and inspiration. Guy Raz, the host, interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists about how they built their respective organisations. Guests have included Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Jim Koch (Samuel Adams Beer) and Maureen and Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet). Each guest talks through the beginnings of their business, the hard times and how they overcame them. If there’s some controversy Guy usually gives them a nudge to understand their side of things. Always a treat when a new podcast appears here.

Weekly and 40-60mins long.

Stuff You Should Know Podcasts

Stuff You Should Know:


This is lols. Sometimes sensitive and in depth, other times less so. As an example of the spectrum, two recent podcasts include; ‘A dry look at toilet paper’ and ‘Why is there a battle over net neutrality’. Both handled equally well and with appropriate facts. Both also entertaining and informative. Chuck and Josh, the hosts, do a great job!

Ever 2-4 days. 40-60mins long.

Ted Radio Hour Podcasts

TED Radio Hour:


Following on from the well-known ‘TED Talks’, NPR host, Guy Raz (same Guy as above), takes a deeper look into some of the topics that come up. He chats with some of the key presenters from the talks, and others, to get a more detailed understanding, talking about their experiences and questions that have arisen since their talk. It’s another interesting one and isn’t just focused on technology and the like, but society and even the effect of certain emotions.

Weekly and 50-60mins long.

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  1. Dylan September 22, 2017 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    Here are some permaculture related ones: World Sustainable Radio, The Permaculture Podcast, Permaculture Voices, The Abundant Edge, Earth Repair Radio

    Enjoy 🙂

    • Stuart Eaves September 22, 2017 at 8:27 pm - Reply

      Hi Dylan, awesome thanks for those, we actually have a couple the World Sustainable Radio downloaded and ready for a listen! I’ll line the others up for our next drive, perhaps this Sunday on our way to your farm! Looking forward to it, see you soon!

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