Hello, this is my blog page, ‘Stus news’ is my weekly diary of thoughts and things. A little space on our site just for me that I hope to regularly write in as a simple diary. I’ll be noting my thoughts, musings and general nonsense that crosses my mind. Things that I might like to share and with a spot of luck you might like too.

That means this is all my own thoughts, my own opinions and no one else’s – Kylie has given me free lease!

Feel free to ask questions, make comments and start a (respectful) debate. Or, simply ignore it and go back to scrolling through Facebook, or just finish your toilet break and going back to work. Whatever you wish, but I’ll be here typing and murmuring away every week…

BLOG#1 | Sunday 14th January, 2018

I’ve never kept a diary, journal, or any regular process of capturing thoughts and the like. But now I’m in a position where it has all of a sudden become quite appealing. Maybe even useful. Now, where we’ve stripped all routine and regularity from our day-to-day life. Set ourselves on an opened ended, undefined journey of exploration. Now, in this moment, a little sliver of routine has become appealing.

Partly, I’m seeing this as another route to connect with those important t  me back home. It’s often been difficult to explain what we’re doing. In all honesty we’re still working it out. Each day brings new thoughts and emotions. Sometimes success and progress, other times not so much. Either way, I hope this is a little avenue of connection from me to them, to clarify what it is we’re doing. Of course, it’s going out on the internet, so the whole world is welcome to have a read too.

Also, sometimes I like to just share thoughts of things. We meet quite a few different characters and situations that really need some form of comment. Nothing malicious of course, but sometimes humour (or at least an attempt at it) is an important process for me in understanding things and not taking it unnecessarily seriously. I’ve come to realise that sometimes it can be taken the wrong way. But it is never intended so. Just a curious mind trying to unravel the tangle of personalities and circumstance that pass me by. For example, when you spend all day every day talking about sustainable living, organics and plastic free-living. It can be easy to get swept up in it all and forget why we’re talking about it, and where we’ve come from.

After a nice little break over Christmas and New Years with family and friends – my first Aussie festivities and birthday. We’re now back into the full swing of research, contacting people and hopefully this week at some point woodwork as we finish our kombi fit-out.

Welcome to 2018 everyone, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be alright…

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