Sunday 21st January 2018 | Blog #2 Introduction to the Australian Animals

If you ever head to Australia, you’ll be warned about the spectre of Australian animals. A picture mixing scenes from ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ of giant killer insects roaming carefree across the landscape. We were even warned of ‘jumping snakes’ . It makes me smile that Kylie gets warned about the dangers of her home country. Better to be safe than sorry I guess.

To date I’ve seen one snake, a handful of kangaroos, half a Koala (the rest stuck to the front end of a roadtrain), and a healthy sprinkling of larger than necessary spiders. Nothing deadly. No close encounters with fangs as big as my fingers.

What I’ve noticed is the animals have a different edge. There are probably some that can kill you at the wink of an eye (…is that snake flirting with me?). But it’s the other animals.

The birds are spectacular. All the colours of the finest E-numbers, plumage’s as big as an ego and a song that not even a mother could love. My memory could be rose tinted, but I’m sure the birds back home in the UK simply twitter a song as gentle and pleasant as the rolling hills of the Shires. Not the Aussie birds. They go all in, right from the back of the throat, tongue-out style.

Then the ants, each with have their own colour code. ‘Normal’ tiny black ones and everything else is 3 times bigger. Green, gold, red. No song of death like the birds, just Pantone with a bite, and it hurts.

As we travel more, we’ll see more, especially once we head more remote. I’ll probably even look back fondly on the ants when I come face to face with some jumped up muscle bound spider with a twitch…

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