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  • Stus News Introduction to Australian Animals

Stus News | Blog #2 Introduction to Australian Animals

Sunday 21st January 2018 | Blog #2 Introduction to the Australian Animals If you ever head to Australia, you’ll be warned about the spectre of Australian animals. A picture mixing scenes from ‘Starship Troopers’ [...]

Stus News | Blog #1 Hello

Hello, this is my blog page, 'Stus news' is my weekly diary of thoughts and things. A little space on our site just for me that I hope to regularly write in as a [...]

  • Universal Basic Income: “Instead of a social system that limits the distance you can flourish, universal basic income protects you from the distance you can fall.”

Why Universal Basic Income Could Be Part of a More Sustainable Future

(12 minute read) Recently there has been a sea change in western politics. Issues of all kinds have been brought to the surface. While some are simply bottled-up emotion, others are more [...]

  • Buy a Kombi_key_thumb

Tips for Buying a Kombi

Now that Saige is officially named and on the road, let's share how we first met and give some tips on buying a Kombi, from one beginner to another. Bear in mind that neither [...]

  • All in a name_Header

It’s all in a name

After two and a half months of searching, we found our Kombi. And after one week of pondering with the internet at our side, we found her name. ‘Wilhelmina Saige’. We know... it’s catchy, [...]

#Name Our Kombi

We’re nearly ready for our road trip to explore sustainable living, but we need to give our Kombi a name, and we’d love your ideas! We made it through the weekend with the new [...]

  • Mindful Farming in the Snow header _ Stuart and Kevin walking in the snow towards the upper high tunnels

Mindful Farming & Ghost Stories at Snowy SanaView Farms

Ever wanted to farm in the freezing cold? No, neither did I! But as it turned out, the snow that fell while volunteering on SanaView Farms made for a magical first WWOOFing experience. This [...]

  • Need for Change_Pier

The need for change.

(10 minute read) Step by step we are moving toward something different. We aren't entirely sure what that will be, when or even where, but we are now in motion. This post is about [...]

  • Driving top down in a classic convertible American car in Havana, Cuba

Cuba Travel Tips For First Time Travellers

(10 minute read) I’d never dreamed of visiting Cuba until people told me to “get there quick before the Americans wreck it!” Sound familiar? Read on to hear my Cuba travel tips for [...]

  • Fresh tomatoes picked on Finca Tungasuk farm, Cuba

Volunteering on our first organic farm in Cuba

(8 minute read) Volunteering while traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do. A chance to get off the tourist trail and not just experience the local scene, but contribute to it. However it [...]

  • The Echo Chamber_Lincoln

Welcome to the echo chamber.

(3 minute read) What a time to visit Washington! Everything seems to be in order... At the time of planning the trip that was the case. Then Brexit happened. Then Trump happened. Our third [...]

  • Pulling Out_London

Pulling out, tips for a change of life.

(11 minute read) It occurred to me recently that there were quite a few things we went through as part of this (ongoing) process of change and that we may have benefitted from a [...]