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Map & Info

This is our ‘tracker’ page so you can find where we are! We’ll be roaming around in our campervan (soon to be purchased hopefully!) and would love to meet you, so if you’d like to meet us then get in touch. We hope to write many more articles and blogs about projects, our thoughts and learnings as we travel.

Location:  Mullumbimby, NSW

What’s happening:

We’re staying on a beautiful homestead on the fringes of Mullumbimby. Grant, Paula and their daughter Elvie work with the permaculture approach of farming bringing them food year round whilst creating an intricate ecosystem where plants stand in mutual benefit of each other.
Whilst here we’ll be visiting the incredible surroundings from Byron Bay to MonteCollum, so if you’re in the area, drop us a message!

Where to next? 

Onwards and southwards…is that the saying?! We’re in New South Wales and heading down the coast for the next few months. Our schedule is admittedly loose as plot the journey ahead and find things to see. So get in touch and let’s meet up!