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Welcome to our road trip with purpose as we discover, learn from and celebrate socially-minded people and businesses across Australia working towards a more sustainable way. 

We’re calling this collective of social entrepreneurs ‘The Bees Republic’.
Together we believe that we can all do well while also doing good and that a great quality of life that doesn’t cost the environment is possible and profitable.

If you too want to see sustainable living become the norm, follow us, join us.

As we re-engineer our careers and lives towards one with more purposeful impact, we’re exploring roads we’ve not travelled before. We’re not quite sure where it’s heading, but we know we’re in the right direction and just as excited for the journey as the destination.

Here’s the plan:



Embark on our journey with purpose as we travel the length of Australia to meet people and businesses who are living more sustainably with less environmental impact. Follow our Journey So Far.



Analyse what we’ve discovered and learnt from the journey to identify opportunities for improvement or problems to be resolved that will improve the lives of people, local communities and the planet.



Drive actions to see sustainable living become scalable. Smart partnerships, alternative solutions, new innovations … We don’t know just yet what this will look like but we’re excited to find out.

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